Home Buyer Tips

Buying a Home

Buying a home is probably the biggest financial commitment you’ll ever make. Buying a home is not just a dollars-and-cents investment; It’s an investment in your life. It will create a sense of stability and identity for you and your family. Regardless of how times change, owning a home remains the cornerstone of the American dream.

Here is a quick checklist for home buying:

  • Does the ground around the foundation slope away from the house?
  • Be sure water does not pond in swales.
  • Basement window wells should be clean and graveled.
  • Shingles should be flat and tight.
  • Flashing should be securely in place.
  • Gutters, down spouts and splash blocks should drain away from the house.
  • Windows and doors should be sealed and protected by weather stripping.
  • Paint should cover the surfaces and trim smoothly.
  • Are all doors and windows sealed and do they open and close easily?
  • Are any glass panels loose or cracked?
  • Is the carpet tight and do the seams match?
  • Are there any ridges or seam gaps in the vinyl tile or flooring?
  • Do the major appliances operate properly?
  • Check all faucets and plumbing fixtures to be sure they operate properly.
  • Turn on the heating, cooling and water-heating units to be sure they operate properly.
  • Check the fireplace draft and damper to see if they work.
  • Check for scratches, cracks or bumps on any surfaces, including cabinets and counter tops.
  • Check for indications of dampness or leaks or mold, when possible.

Investing In A Home Inspection Is A Good Idea

More and more buyers are electing to have a home inspection done at their expense…this can expose potential problems that can be taken care of or negotiated to be taken care of between the buyer and seller and selling price may be adjusted.